Friday, August 17, 2018

Blueberry Trainwreck - Hometown Herbs


This flower from my new sponsor and long-time pals Hometown Herbs is exceptional - just like everything else they grow.  They're a #microherbery and they grow in as close to the traditional method as possible.  They're one of the smallest grows in the state and putting out some dank fire.

Blueberry dominates everything about this bud. It's so intense, and gassy undertones that just seem to kick the blueberry up another notch until it becomes sweet funk.  So delicious, and long aftertaste.

The high on this is bright and crisp, like that gas on the smoke.  It hits the eyes and side of the head with a sort of confused wonder and high on the forehead is a quick thoughtful buzz that kept going. It was a bit introverted toward the end, then music happened and I wanted to dance, so I did.

Overall, this was a great heady experience.  The flavor was intense and super blueberry.  Who doesn't love dat gas, too?  A good stony high with enough energy to want to kick my feet up.  All the things a stoner needs, and I loved it.  Go check these guys out wherever you can!

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