Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Orange Cookies - Sticky Frog x Phat Panda


For Wax Wednesday this week, we have Sticky Frog Hi-Terp Sugar featuring Phat Panda's Orange Cookies. It is amazing, just outstanding cannabis! I picked this up for just $25 a gram at Freedom Market in Kelso. Best deal of my week!

The aroma on it is very clean with sharp citrus notes - blood orange and tangerine are ultra present through all aspects of this product - aroma, flavor, aftertaste.  Serious terp action.

The color of this is impeccable, my pictures don't do it justice.  The product is slightly paler than my pictures show, with strong orange colors that pale at the edges.  Breaking it down it's not quite a sugar texture, more of a fluffy, light terp wax.  The process, I think, is more important than the name!

On the dab this melts so perfectly clean into an almost transparent, pale yellow puddle. Yum.  The inhale is intensely cleaner, with punchy blood orange that becomes more like tangerine on the exhale and in aftertaste. It's so citrus and terpy, it's almost unexpected.  The flavors are like back-to-back blood orange San Pellegrino and Jarritos tangerine.  Powerful.

A nice happy feeling comes right away, with a heady mix of fun and confusion.  Body relaxation came through the second half of this with a nice slightly yawning chill finish.

Overall, this was outstanding cannabis.  The unique citrus terps were powerful and sharp and held massive aftertaste of tangerine and blood orange.  I don't know if I've ever had this terpene profile before.

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