Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Space Ape - Hometown Herbs

Hometown Herbs grows indoor cannabis with old-school methods, soils, nutrients.  They're turning out some of the best cannabis I've seen in Washington, with mad flavor profiles and huge effects.

Here's a shot of the trichomes on this plant when it was just 4 weeks old.

Trichome nugporn on freshly harvested flower.

And here are those trichomes after curing.

Space Ape is an exclusive cross of the original Oregon Cynex and old-school Gorilla Glue 4 and it has an incredibly intoxicating aroma. Overwhelming pine with sweet tones underneath.  It exudes a skunkiness that is rare in legal cannabis. This complex cannabis also presents serious floral notes and a deep berry aroma that reminds me of fine ruby porto. It is magnificent.

On the inhale, that skunk flavor is everything. It's soon overtaken by the deep berry-floral and the pine. Oh the pine! That sticks around in the mouth for a long time, an incredible skunk underneath it.

The high comes on very happy. Fun, joy, happiness flood through and I was walking on skunkshine! A bit of forgetfulness comes along with the upfulness, and that's just fine! I was smiley and forgetty and I didn't care! 

Overall, this is one of my new favorite strains - it's flavorful, stanky, dank, happy. I love Space Ape, and you should get your hands on some, it's really special.

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