Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bruce Banner PHO - Elevate

Bruce Banner by Elevate Cannabis is a damn fine product, priced well at 25 bucks for the gram at Uncle Ando's in Centralia. This is an oily wax texture with just the thinnest layer of diamonds crusting the top. There was a satisfying crunch when I broke through. It's a pale orange to amber color, and a great texture on a wax.

Aroma isn't much on this, even when it's slightly warmed up and manipulated. Just a hint of orange oils and faint pine.

On the inhale, it's massively sweet with light orange undertones that hit right before a delicious, earthy purple taste. Pine blossoms and sticks around with the earthy flavor for quite a while.

Within seconds of exhaling, the top of my head started to tingle. Minutes in, it moved to my eyes and face and I got very face high. I felt lightweight and bouncy with this Bruce Banner. Throughout the high I felt very imaginative and full of wonder. I felt high energy and lively. This edged into a bit of anxiety, but it was fully manageable for me.

Overall, good texture with a great flavor profile, and intense effects that had pretty decent legs. Plus, I got this for actually 40% off, because Uncle Ando's is doing a deal where you get 40% off the second item when you buy one $25 or more. Not bad.

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