Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dutch Treat - Loaded

This is serious budget weed, only 4 bucks out the door at Uncle Ando's Wurld of Weed, in Centralia, WA. This is the company that makes Loaded Soda, a pretty solid drinkable product.

Pale green with crisp orange hairs everywhere. Little compacted by packaging but not bad. Beautiful trichomes and lovely hairs. Nice structure. Rangey trim leaving a bit of sugarleaf behind.

The flower smells like a bale of hay that someone leaned against while peeling an orange. The orange in this tastes like it came from a LaCroix can. Somewhat peppery overtones ride throughout the aroma.

The smoke as a pleasant vegetative flavor as the smoke, then after you exhale it gets decidedly peppery. Spicy on the throat, with hints of a spice cabinet. I tasted thyme, sage, marjoram - just dry and herbaceous.

With a spring in my step, I went about the rest of my afternoon. The high was pretty positive and uplift, even if it had pretty short legs.

The flavor really isn't what I expect out of a Dutch Treat, however that uplifting effect with solid positivity definitely was on par. Overall, this is a good value purchase. Price can't be beat. The aroma and flavor were not unpleasant, but also not particularly enjoyable.

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