Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Grease Monkey - Sesh

Another fantastic budget buy from when I visited Uncle Ando's Wurld of Weed in Centralia. This was either 5 or 6 bucks. The cannabis itself is very pretty. It's frosty, with short, firm hairs poking out all over the place. I love weed in these little clustered nuggets. It's squishy, but dense.

Aroma here is like a robust garden. Heavy, heady vegetative smells with a funky, pungent bottom. When it's manipulated, the smells get even deeper and funkier. Like a jungle, not a garden! It's so pretty, too.

Inhaling, there's a vibrant flower flavor. These huge floral and vegetative notes. The flavor is definitely jungle. There's rich and deep pungent flavors that are truly complex, mixed with deep, rich earth tones. A dark berry flavor lingers.

Almost immediately, my mind started wandering. I was thoughtful and chill for a long time. Relaxation set in and before I knew it, I was on the couch napping. Seriously mellow body, too. When I woke up, I was refreshed and still pretty chill.

Overall, I am impressed. Budget weed that kicked my ass with a bag of relaxation, and it looks and smells and tastes great. Oh yeah - label says pesticide free. Another huge plus for this Sesh brand.

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