Sunday, August 4, 2019

Purple Punch - Hometown Herbs

This cannabis is outstanding! Hometown Herbs is putting out some of the best weed from their microherbary. This dank purple punch has got intense purples throughout most of the buds, which are also dark green. This weed sports sturdy saffron-colored hairs all over. Trichomes are everywhere, with big fat bulbous heads and sticky resin in between the buds.

Aromas that waft off the cannabis smell like berry limeade. It’s intensely sweet with rich, berry rolling through like fog. There are some dark, rich earthy bottom notes when the herb is broken up and warmed through manipulation.

The buds themselves are nicely moist, and while they’re sticky they’re also sort of springy. They’ve got a crispness without break when squeezed. I like that spring back - I know they’re putting out great cannabis instead of worrying about getting minimal moisture content.

In the bowl, this is slow roasting. It’s got a musky smoke, rich and thick. That lime sweetness is everywhere on the front end of the flavor. Exhale is smooth with the rich earthiness coming through like breathing in a happy forest after a nice afternoon rain. The finish is clean and crisp.

Forehead was hit first by this weed. After a while, it rounded out to a clear headed productivity, although my body stayed chill. This brought relaxed muscles with mental expansiveness.

Overall, I’m glad that Hometown Herbs is doing what they do - growing phenomenal cannabis in small, quality-controlled batches. Every strain they’ve put out - from their standby Gurilla Glue to the newnew Purple Punch - consistently delivers on appearance, flavors, and especially high. This brand knows what they’re doing!

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