Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Star Dawg - Artizen

Artizen is a solid brand that consistently delivers on flavors in my experience. That said, I can’t say the product held up too well to packaging, processing, and the retail process. There are basically no heads to any of the trichomes on the outside this cannabis, so I presume this was machine trimmed. One of the nuggets is flat as it gets.

Opening the bag on this $10/gram cannabis, I got a hint of pine. Manipulating the herb, it starts giving a lemony note along with that fresh pine. Under this is a deep, dry earthy aroma. The bud is dense and trimmed tight – possibly manicured after the machine? Anyway, it breaks down into a nice crumble.

On the inhale, the pine is just a whisper with lemon at the corners. The smoke is dry feeling, leaving the mouth and lungs parched from the first hit. 

Also from that first hit, this went right to the head. I got floaty head and quite chilled out. Along the way, this turned singy, dancey and got quite upbeat.

Overall, not a bad product for the price. Nothing outstanding, in flavor or effect. The head on this (that is, the duration) was moderate at best. I wish there was more care taken to leave trichomes on the cannabis, along with packaging and transporting the weed so it stays fresh and plump.

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