Saturday, August 17, 2019

Super Lemon Haze RSO Shatter - RSO+GO

I didn't realize until I was taking pictures that this was the Dope Cup winner! As it turns out, the budtender at Uncle Ando's Wurld of Weed didn't mention it, and I was hemming and hawing over a few different products at the time. This would've been a good selling tool, as I think is the reason they worked to acquire it. It's not just a point of pride. The label has some impressive numbers on it, and it's RSO Shatter. RSO Shatter almost doens't make sense, especially when you see it. I've had this product before and had a few different conversations in the past with members of the RSO+GO team.

What they're doing is a whole plant ethanol (alcohol) extract. This is, in essence, RSO. What I don't know is the process they're using to get it so pretty, as whole plant extract includes all the phytochemicals (plant chemicals) including the chlorophyll and the like. I imagine they're using some sort of distillation process, but if they are, I don't know that it qualifies as "RSO" any longer. I'm definitely interested in finding out more. Anyone who reads this can feel free to reach out and I'll update the post with the best info.

In the packaging, with mylar backing and transparent PTE paper, it looks fully transparent. On a white background, that pale yellow comes through. This is a beautiful looking product, exceptional color - transparent at the edges. You can see in the shadows of the first picture that where it's thick at the edge casts a shadow, and in the interior product is such a pale yellow.

One other thing I did not notice until I took pictures was a couple of fibers. After I identified them, I removed them to get some more clean shots. But, doing the thing I do, this is what I got. The photo with them is with the product still in PTFE, fresh out the bag. See below. The larger one is about 14mm. Keeping it real, shit happens. This is obviously packaging, possibly hair, possibly a fiber floating around. There is another shot out on Instagram that it's visible in too, if you look.

The product is crisp, but sturdy. I was able to move it around quite a bit with none of it breaking. A nice little snap and it broke cleanly, without shards flying everywhere. With a bit of warming in the fingers it got somewhat pliable, but not really.

While this is incredibly clean looking product, the label shows they used 6 kinds of pesticide. That's definitely a turn-off, especially as this is a whole plant extract. Pesticides are found more densely in stalk and leaf matter than the flower. I dabbed it, but I don't like the pesticides.

There is absolutely no aroma on this product, even when warmed up.

Melt on the dab is very clean and clear, literally water clear when it melted low-low-temp.

Flavor on the dab was clean lemon oil. It's crisp and beautiful flavor. Clean finish with a perfect lemon aftertaste - faintly like a lemonhead.

The head on this was very clear and uplifted. I was energized. I felt empowered and capable. This is one of those great head medicines, to get focused and ready. The body follows the head with a nice mellow complete high. The legs are short on this, a quick high, if a good one.

Overall, this beautiful product is grown with a shit ton of pesticides. I'm of mixed minds here, as I don't know much about the residual pesticide test results on the product, which I think should be required and publicly available, like THC test results are.

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