Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bad Rabbit Blend - Bad Rabbit

For some incredibly cheap cannabis concentrates, this is very clean, looks nice and is an overall great product. At ten bucks a gram, you cannot beat this for a daily cheapo dab. It's better than most of what's on the market at 20. Bad Rabbit also has another higher quality brand at the twenty dollar mark called Howling Dog.

The color and texture on this is fantastic. It's an amber-honey color, and when it's thinner it is a nice gold with the palest amber tint. It's gooey-honey seeming, but also has some nice clunky sugar/baby diamond texture to it one you work it. This product is decidedly firm - these globs did not drip. 

On the inhale, there's a definite alfalfa flavor, this isn't the world's best cannabis that went into the product. It's clean and seems like probably outdoor grown product based on the grassy/hay, light flavors here. It's definitely not flavor town.

Now the high on this is outstanding. Good mental buzz with huge creativity and interest when I dabbed and did some work. But also, after dabbing this and sitting down to chill, I was easily relaxed but also focused on the joy of a video game. 

For the pricing and the quality, I am definitely happy. This cleared off the shelves at Uncle Ando's Wurld of Weed in Centralia where I got it, and I'm gladly waiting to see what this company might deliver next. Dabbing on a budget can be really rough, as many brands will put 3rd run garbage or cannabis that was molded and terrible into an extraction and slang it dirt cheap.  This brand doesn't strike me like that, I've had other products by them and have been really pleased.

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