Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Green Crack - Heavenly Buds

Ah yes, Green Crack. I still hate the name of this strain - even if it's pretty accurate - but damn do I love the effects. Heavenly Buds did an incredible job with this beautiful flower.

The bud is beautiful. Jade green bud with a super-consistent coloration, covered everywhere in dense trichomes. Crazy thick orange hairs clump and cluster everywhere.

This gram was a single fat nugget that was impeccably trimmed. Seriously, the stemwork is incredible. There was maybe 0.25mm of stem connection at the base - expertly maintaining nug integrity while minimizing stem in the bag. This is a serious concern because everyone wants both - no stem and nugs that are sturdy and hold integrity.

Aroma here is insanely mango. We're talking the kitchen smells after you've just chopped up a half dozen mangos. Like, ow my eyes, the mango is so loud. Crazy.

On the inhale, the mango is intense. This is crazy big flavor. A deep vegetative funkiness rides under this hugely bright fruit flavor and there's a crisp hashy note on the exhale that just adds a whole layer to the flavor.

Head on this is equally intense. Seriously powerful, energetic weed. This is for getting all the shit done, and some of it twice. This is that get up and go!

Overall, it's been too long since I've smoked some of the beautiful cannabis put out by Heavenly Buds - they're cannabis royalty around here! Flavor was insane. head was crazy, mango all over the place, and so many things got organized.  I'm glad I grabbed this one.

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