Saturday, September 7, 2019

Space Queen - Artizen

I've had this strain before by Artizen. I do think the pics on this review do the flower some justice.

Opening the bag, you're hit by pine and fruit. It's big fruity, there's pineapple and sweet, but tart like a bing cherry under that. Truly enjoyable.

On the inhale that fruity quickly smacks and changes back to deep vegetative flavors. These vegetative flavors definitely hit in my review from two and a half years ago. It makes me feel good to know that the same profile is showing up this much later. The earlier review had fruity aftertaste, with hashy flavors predominant. I much prefer the pineapple-cherry kick of this batch! There was an interesting umami-savory element to the aftertaste here, four smokers agreed. Kudos to solid genetics and development.

After an immediate chill-out, I forgot what I was doing. I sat trying to figure out what I was doing, with my bowl in one hand, lighter in another, sitting at my laptop with a notepad document open. I couldn't for the life of me piece it together so I went on a fun reverie during which I made a fresh pot of coffee and served myself. I proceeded to sit down, grab my bowl and lighter, and stare at the computer again for forty minutes, sipping coffee and pondered before it dawned on me. I was reviewing this Space Queen.

Spaced indeed. Overall, I'm a happy Ent. Flavor is on point, effects are solid, and the head is hardy on this - good legs. I'll do it again.

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