Sunday, March 29, 2020

Garlic Breath Live Resin - Mammoth Labs

Mammoth Labs has been doing great work for some time. They've got outstanding, eye-catching packaging, a dope mascot and logo, and a decent price point on some product. Also, another brand that has never been on my table for review before, so I'm definitely stoked.

Opening the jar, the funky, rich aroma strikes you. I wouldn't quite call this 'garlic' exactly. It's definitely got some sharp, spicy notes. There's a bit of a repugnant tone that sticks around. 
Inhaling, the sweet hits first, but quickly is overtaken by the sharp, pungent funk of this garlic. It's not quite biting but it was definitely present. The finish has a ton of sweet here, as well, like the aroma.

Head on this was really really quick, with a dumb slowing effect hitting before the end of the exhale, really. I chilled out right away and basically lost all ability to do anything except smack my lips and contemplate that dab. 

Someone was talking to me, and it wasn't even Charlie Brown adults "Wahwah wahwah", I just knew there was noise but it was meaningless. They told me I made about a new facial expression every second in that 30 seconds or so that felt like five or ten minutes to me.

After that there was sincere relaxation, I just sank into the couch and chilled out while giggling at something on TV for a few hours, which I rarely do - I usually get distracted after 5 minutes.
Overall, this is a stuff is out of control. All I can say.

I was also inspired to make digital art based off this dabporn.  I give you, 'Chaos Creation'. 

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