Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Lemon Cookies - Falcanna

This is the first time Falcanna cannabis is crossing my table, and my first time ever reviewing it. I've met Bethany and Justin a few times over the years at gatherings and Vendor Days. They're the couple that own the brand, and the falcon imagery is because they're both into falconry. Their story is awesome. So is their cannabis!

The flower is beautiful and clearly well grown. Colors are clean with beautiful soft greens and these stiff, pale yellow-gold hairs all over. The trichomes are looking nicely developed. Also - this awesome packaging is a vinyl sticker - I love slaps!

Aroma on this flower is incredibly pale lemon with a delicate sweetness. There's a definite "cake" note to the aroma, like a light baked treat.

On the inhale, it's got a super sweet lemony note, not quite as powerful but on the same flavor as Lemonheads candy. The exhale is gassy sweet and a pungency filled my nose and sinuses. That gas punched me in the face with bright, lemony flavors. 

High on this was swirly, dancey and forgetful. We got super silly with this, music came on, dancing happened, we made up some strange songs. Everything was smiles and good times. Decent legs on this, lasting quite a while.

Overall, this is some remarkable pot, grown by people who care, and it shows. I really love this, and am going to go find more Falcanna.

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