Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Limited Edition Glue - Hometown Herbs

Hometown Herbs are some homies. They're consistently bringing exceptional cannabis to the market. Every strain is a strong hitter, full of flavor, nicely tended, and with great characteristics - and I've smoked a bunch of their product.

Obviously, this is some beautiful cannabis. Colors are amazing on it, these crisp orange-amber hairs all over, everything covered in trichs. Opening up the package it's just gassy, gluey funk everywhere. My mouth was watering before even taking a bud out of the bag.

On a side note, I like to smoke the little nugs first, usually, if the package has a variety of sizes. It's like saving dessert for last!

Inhale on this is huge, earthy funk with gas undertones. A crisp sweetness to the edges of the smoke, which is dense and thick and fragrant. An aftertaste with a little hint of crisp apples held around for a while with that funk. This is that kinda glue that gets stuck in your nose hairs for 20 minutes and you just keep smelling it.

A really deeply relaxing high settled over me, but there was a lot of talkativeness and attention with it too. This is that chill and get shit done weed, right here.

Overall, outstanding product yet again by Hometown Herbs. Beautiful weed with excellent taste and a long lasting, satisfying high. I'm gonna go get more.

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