Sunday, March 22, 2020

Original Glue Cake Batter - Phat Panda

Wow. This stuff is funky, gluey, and intense.  Of course, label artwork is some of the best on the market. It seems like the little strain art for each different strain makes the huge variety of Phat Panda weed even more impressive.

The texture on this is delicate, tiny diamonds in a gelato-textured sauce. Dipping into the jar, this mixes like marmalade. It's obviously a lighter color when in smaller volumes. Hence the color between jar and dab tool.

The aroma on this cake batter just slaps you in the sinuses. It's deep, funky like the gluey jungle the plant once was. Foooonk.

Did I mention funk? Cause that's all you taste on this. I'm not sure what the choke-you-out glue terpene actually is, but this batch has plenty. Tears were just flowing while I took a second low-low temp dab of this. By the way, this melted to the most gorgeous translucent golden puddle I've seen in a while. Nice work.

This was a super chill experience. I felt deep body relaxation and mental chill that left me receptive for entertainment. I've been watching home remodeling competition shows lately - they're great when high. They're exceptionally great after a couple fat dabs of this Original Glue. I found myself shouting at people's poor choices and gloating when the couple I preferred won.

Overall, this stuff was priced right, has remarkable texture. Aroma and flavor are overwhelmingly gluey, which I like. The high did exactly what I want from glue. This will be in the line up again for sure!

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