Thursday, April 23, 2020

GG4 BHO - Howling Dog

This was budget as can be, and I think I got a good deal. I've only seen this Howling Dog stuff once or twice and usually it's much darker and goopier than this. Hopefully this is a sign of some brand improvements overall. More likely, it's a lucky swoop on some cannabis for processing.

It's clean looking with a really nice texture. The wax has a glisten of terpsauce all over. It breaks down with into a nice smooth sugary crumble.

There's basically no aroma to this, just a lightly botanical sort of sensation up close. On the inhale, that botanical oily flavor hits up front. Interestingly, every dab of this had a big honeydew flavor at the end. It was pretty remarkable and very consistent. Honeydew is my jam, and it's a rare note in cannabis.

The head on this was very central. It was a decidedly generic high. There was nothing outstanding. I was stoned, I got a bit of body relaxation and some head buzz. Honestly, for the $15 price tag, it's more than I can expect.

Overall, for a budget buy, I'm really pleased. The appearance and the honeydew notes were great. Nothing else about it was really good, but I really wasn't disappointed in any way. I'll hit this budget brand again.

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