Sunday, April 19, 2020

Jungle Jane - Phat Panda

Straight out the jungle with this one. First, I love the label featuring @mrs.phatpanda COO of Phat Panda as Jungle Jane. Second, pretty solid numbers on this.

Opening the jar, the weed is loud. Rich pine pervades over a nice flourishing garden smell. Clearly, the cannabis is gorgeous. It looks like it's a jungle plant, with dark greens underneath the lime-green, deeply frosted upper layers. Crisp ginger-red hairs stick out all over the place.

On the inhale, this bud tastes so much like it smells. An almost overwhelming, nose-watering pine taste fills the lungs, and rich vegetative funk. Everything had an almost molasses sweetness dripping over it all.

The inner label description says "thick smoke"and it definitely is. It's also really nosey. It left my sinuses sort of itching and running for quite a few minutes after smoking. Hello Pinene.

Jungle Jane took me for an adventure. I started out getting just dumb for a little while before a spark of interest hit, and I insisted my wife and kids play Rummikub with me. It's like the card game Rummy, except there are tiles, and a bit more secrecy involved. Fun, chill, and happy times that this great cannabis definitely enhanced.

Overall, like so many of Phat Panda's strains, this is a hit. The aroma, appearance, and flavors are excellent, with a nice relaxing, fun high with decent legs. You know I'll be back for more.

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