Monday, April 27, 2020

Lemon Amnesia - From the Soil

This is some damn fine looking cannabis. Overall, it looks like a really traditional sativa with a range of greens, crispy ginger hairs, long tall bud structure, and a coating of white almost-amber trichomes.

This jar smells like a picnic in the Quinault Rain Forest. It's redolent with heady, fresh vegetative smells under a massive pine-gas aroma. At the edges and end of the smell, it's lemonade - almost crystalline with sweetness.

On the inhale, it's crispy sweet with lemony pungency that instantly turns into a huge pine. The gassy bottom sticks to your tongue and hangs out with sharp, sweet piney notes as the taste lingers. What a great aftertaste!

The head is really fun and uplifted. We had a bunch of fun with this, and I danced - something I don't often do. While I found myself rambling repeatedly, I didn't really go off on any weird high thought patterns, just a sort of focused thoughtfulness that helped me communicate my perspective to someone else, really well. Throughout it all - happy and smiling. The giggles came and went throughout.

The label says it all on this one, which is pretty rare. Everything it said was spot on, and then some. It's not the highest end of cannabis, and probably came down just a touch early, with maybe a bit too dry of a cure. Overall though, if this isn't what good cannabis experience is about, I don't know what is! I've been enjoying FTS for about 4 years now, and will continue going back for these damn fine mids.

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