Monday, April 13, 2020

Super Lemon Haze - Heavenly Buds

Heavenly Buds is cannabis royalty. They consistently have some of the best cannabis in I502. I just recently update the Marijuana Encyclopedia 21 they were on, it was a blast. Patreon supporters get access to all the nugporn, dabporn, and written articles about the episode! Back to the cannabis.

This weed is gorgeous! The bright limey greens contrasting the deep forest darkness, I just love it. Many of the long hairs have this great little curl at the end, and they're all a bright beautiful orange. Beautiful.

Aromas on this flower are absolutely crisp and clean. A refreshing, spring-time aroma spreads out with sharp lemon at the end.

The smoke tastes as the aroma smells. There's a fresh growing-things flavor that is like breathing in the heady meadow air and then the lemon creeps in. It is just a hint but that light flavor sticks around.

As the soft lemon started to fade, a fun little tickle in the brain began. Also right away, a pretty solid cottonmouth struck me. After slamming a massive glass of water, I made this loud giggle unexpectedly and with no thought to spark it. Soaking wet beard, I'm sure I looked hilarious.

At some point, I thought, "I should color!" So color I did, with a brand new box of crayons on a random paper bag from a pot shop. Then I lost the bag immediately, so no pictures of it sadly.

I had to hydrate hard, throughout this and I was drained of all energy after I came down so I smoked some more, which lead to me lying on the couch mentally composing some art. It was very cool.

Overall, I think this should be in the everyday rotation for a creative and I'm for sure going to get more! Again.

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  1. Trichomes are some beatiful structures. So complex and full of biochemical treasures.