Monday, April 20, 2020

Wedding Cake Icing - Dabstract

Happy 4/20/20! SARS-CoViD19 is ridiculous, but cannabis is essential, so we have that.

When I bought it, I knew thisi was gonna be just outstanding. Obviously, there's the shelf-appeal of these badass gold-foil Dabstract packaging. You can see the product you're buying through the packaging, so I knew it was going to be dank. I'm a huge fan of seeing terpenes on labels.

Opening the jar, this stinks great. A sharp gassy aroma spills off the jar. It hit my eyes and sort of stunned me a minute while I blinked back the funk. It's no wonder, over 5% terps is pretty legit.

Color on it is this gorgeous almost radiant golden yellow and the texture is saucy micro-diamonds, tiny little sugary nodes in this goopy, glistening terpsauce.

It schmelts so beautifully, into a soft, bubbling golden puddle. On the inhale, it's instantly nearly overwhelmingly terpy. Huge, explosive gas with a crazy rich piney edge just punches. Exhaling, the gas holds through with a funky sweet bottom.

For the first time in a long time, I had the sensation of standing on a swing as it goes all the way around the bar as I held this hit. I had to look in a mirror and make a face at myself to confirm to myself that I was alright for now. I was, but only for a moment.

I liked this. Gassy pine? Sweet end? Almost falling off the ground? Hell yeah, I went in for another (bigger) dab. The second one, I didn't feel the swing feeling but by time I cleared up my little dab sesh area, the whole universe slowed down. I distinctly recall realizing the slow down, starting to laugh, and then taking a good four steps through my kitchen before the first noise of the laugh started, and another four or five steps before it actually happened.

I could barely make my way to my favorite chair before a deep relaxation settled over me. My legs, my back, my whole body just slumped down. My brain went on a wild journey of thought and weird considerations. It was basically an old school getting mental fucking stoned in a chair.

I didn't physically move for a good long while and when I got back, I felt great. My sore muscles were more limber, and damn if my soul didn't feel great from the journey. I love cannabis, and this was such a fantastic experience. I will obviously be back time and again for Dabstract cannabis. They're one of the finest brands in I502, consistently.

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