Thursday, May 14, 2020

Animal Face - From the Soil

Review spoiler alert!! This is really great weed. From the Soil has been on my table a few times before, and it's always nice. Nice.

This Animal Face is great looking. Vibrant greens, rich purples all over, ginger colored hairs just everywhere, and a thick crust of milky trichomes all over everything. You can just see the care taken by looking at this cannabis. Wait till you smell it.

Opening the jar, a massive wiff of rich, lively, heady earthiness blasts out. I felt like I was surrounded by dank stank before I even broke a nug down. When I did crumble one, it was perfect texture. There was excellent crispness without crumbling and the right amount of sticky resistance.

Inhale was all that. A rich pungent, funky flavor starts it off with deep, hashy notes coming in right away. A big berry sweetness finishes it. At the end there was a rich aftertaste, a bit of burning tire and a rotting sort of repulsiveness for just a moment. Delicious and skunky.

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