Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ex-Wife - Phat Panda

There's a reason I review so much Phat Panda cannabis. It's some of the best cannabis at the price range. And so pretty. 

This Ex-wife is gorgeous. Long red hairs sprout from all over and it's got little trichs everywhere. The aroma in the jar is earthy, with sweet fruity edges, and an underlying gas-station funk. 

It's notable that this weed was actually sticky. I was breaking it down and some straight stuck to my thumb, through a rapid shake-off. Good times. 

On the inhale, that gassy diesel hit first and at the end a rich, vibrant earthiness sticks around in the back of the throat. I didn't really get any of the fruity sweet smells on the smoke.

Right away, it's clear this is sit down weed. I kicked back and started a movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (I originally typo'd that as Halloweed, which is a totally different movie, you should see it). This was relaxed and chill with a sort of dumb numbness in the brain that let me sit down and keep still long enough to watch a whole movie for the first time in weeks, so yeah. That's what I was after, for sure.

As always, the Panda team brings it with yet another custom cross that smells, tastes, and stones exceptionally. Good work. 

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