Friday, August 28, 2020

Professor Chaos - Orgrow


Welcome to a brand new look for Aging Ent reviews!   I'm going to give a bit more of a clear indicator of how the taste and feel of the cannabis was, in the "leader" image.

This Professor Chaos was some legit mids. It's obviously beautiful cannabis. They trimmed it up just right, with this beautiful nug structure shown off. 

The aroma was cherry-sweet but with a deep foresty bottom to it. It was pretty dank and hung around a second. 

On the inhale, those flavors came through hard. A big foresty, earthy, soil, dank flavor with deep cherry throughout. There was a definite muskiness to the after taste. I really enjoyed this, it was like a musky-dank weed cherry.

The feel on this was great. I was body chilled, relaxed, and a lot of my inflammatory pain was soothed, as well. Great for my back.  Head on it was pretty great, I did feel like professor chaos, like my brain was working on seven things at a time while my body was checked out.

Overall, a great smoke for the price. The color on it was lovely, and the trichome development is pretty legit for some recreational weed.

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