Wednesday, December 30, 2020

the Aging Ent's CBD Terpsauce Chews with Rainbow Diamonds

These CBD infused chews are delicious. A natural cherry flavor in the batch-made gummy/chew makes your mouth water. The Terp Diamonds candy on the outside really makes it sweet and the crunch is satisfying. CBD grown from US Hemp, all CBD is third party lab tested. Ingredients are ethically grown, naturally sourced, and cruelty-free.

Available in 10 count 100 total mg for $16 or 20 count 200 mg for $30 or 50 count 500 mg for $70!

WHOLESALE available. to order

Aging Ent Vegan CBD Chews Terp Chews

Aging Ent Terpsauce Chews with Rainbow Diamonds Terpdiamonds

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