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Imbibing Marijuana since 1993. My preferences are for sativa flower smoked from a glass pipe, dabs in a small rig with quartz banger, and joints!

Reviewing Cannabis since 2015. Focused on legal, recreational cannabis.

AgingEnt.com's mission is to positively shape the conversation about legal marijuana at the end of prohibition. While exploring cannabis, through social media accounts

What is an Ent? Someone from the Internet who smokes cannabis. Also, the treeherders of Lord of the Rings. Go Google it, if needs be.

Any sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such.  Every cannabis review is presented as honestly and accurately as possible. I take serious pride in my impartiality and my integrity. Marijuana reviews may be sponsored, but they cannot be 'bought'.

All pricing in my reviews includes taxes - because I'm an adult member of society. While I disagree with the extent of taxation, as well as other aspects of the implementation of legal recreational marijuana in Washington. I feel taxes for marijuana are critical to legalization. Likewise regulation and restriction of access.

For as long as I've known about marijuana and prohibition, I have believed this simple herb should be legalized.  I took the first opportunity I could to move to a state where it is legalized - Washington. We - which includes my wife and three children - arrived here in mid-June 2015. I immersed myself in the legal recreational retail marijuana experience since then.

Although I'm currently not a medical patient under Washington statute, marijuana is my medicine, and has been for a very long time. When nothing else worked, marijuana saved me. All cannabis use is medical cannabis use, even when it's proclaimed recreational.

As a supporter of marijuana legalization and cannabis normalization, I will always do my utmost to do business with providers, producers, processors, retailers, and other businesses who abide as closely as possible all laws regarding Marijuana.

I feel very strongly that the enemies of marijuana legalization highlight those businesses who do not comply with law, and every basic violation lends to the argument of prohibitionists. Self-regulation within the community is key to expanding legalization.

Any sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such. 

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